Yashica T*

After getting back the negatives from my first two rolls of film, I was immediately inspired. (1) To go out and shoot some more, and (2) to also test out many more types of cameras and film. I went to a local thrift store to see if they had any 35mm cameras available, and to my surprise they had a Yashica T* adorned with a holographic dragon stickers for $2.99 - quite the steal if you ask me. 

Out of excitement I went out to Oakland, also the same night I happened to have my work on display at VSCO's All Hands Community Event. With no real goal in mind, I walked aimlessly through Oakland to capture whatever caught my eye. And was pleasantly surprised by the power this point and shoot had

Through the random assortment of photos you'll see that theres a common trend, uneven horizons accompanied by uncentered shots. Not that I want to blame it entirely on the offset of the viewfinder and lens, I was not aware of how great this offset was which is why you'll see the off centered photos. But as far as the uneven horizons go, well thats just because I dont have stable hands.