This was the first time I had shot with a disposable camera since a field trip I took back in first grade. I enjoyed doing so because it felt like the most organic way to capture photos. There was no setting up shots, using any props, or retakes. You just took a shot and kept going, I like this because I wasn't so focused on capturing photos, instead I could enjoy the festival. Often times when I'm at events like this I tend to focus on my phone or my camera more than the surrounding area. The difficulty behind this though was that I didn't know if my photos were coming out the way I imagined them. As you'll see a lot of the shots had my finger in them because ergonomically the camera wasn't the best and when using the camera my finger would overlap the lens. Secondly, the way the viewfinder is set up it doesn't really match with the lens itself, so you'll notice a lot of the objects aren't centered. But that's not that big of a deal, all that matters is I was able to capture the photos that I did. You'll see some of the photos that I took were by accident, for instance the one with me drinking my beer. I was messing with the flash button and accidentally took a photo, along with some of the black images at the bottom which I believe were taken in my backpack LOL. A lot of the photos came out blurry and this is because the focus distance is between 3 to 9 feet. While others came out super underexposed and well that was because the Fujifilm disposable camera come with a 400 speed film which inst ideal for overcast San Francisco days. However, a handful of images came out nicely and this was because the fog had cleared and the sun was radiating on the crowds of people.

All in all, it was a fun challenge and something I'll be doing again in the future. Bringing a disposable camera to a festival or similar environment is a great idea because getting in a DSLR is nearly impossible, unless you are an event photographer. Its not too expensive and something worth trying. enjoy the album below from Day 1 at Outside Lands. 


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